• Ear Pods Style
  • Ø14mm 32Ω neodymium magnet
  • Remote control with microphone and volume control
  • Connection Ø3.5mm 4 pole or USB-C (with DAC)
  • Color available Black, White
  • Capsule packaging
Suitable for Ø3.5mm, USB-C Audio Device
  • Smartphone (Ø3.5mm 4 pole, USB-C)
  • Notebook (Ø3.5mm 4 pole jack, USB-C)
  • Laptop Computer (Ø3.5mm 4 pole jack, USB-C)
  • Desktop Computer (Ø3.5mm 4 pole jack, USB-C)
Packing included
  • Ear pod style earphone
  • 1.2M cable with remote control (Ø3.5mm 4 pole plug)
  • USB-C DAC to Ø3.5mm Jack adaptor
  • Capsule case

Minimum Order Quantity:

100 pcs

Lead Time:

30 days
Packing Details

Measurement (L*W*H):

Weight (NW/GW):

14 kg

Quantity of Carton:

25 pcs